the FRESH TEA SHOP - The concept

fresh tea shop draft kl Life is too short for bad tea – that’s our motto, providing you the Tea experience of a lifetime.

Tea and the associated culture is one of the oldest traditions. Originating in Asia, especially China, found Tea it’s way to Europe and the western hemisphere in the 17th. Century. We at The Fresh Tea Shop have adapted this Asian tea culture for the 21st. Century and offer the full range of tea products along with an exclusive selection of coffee drinks.

Our range of products is highlighted by our „Tea Cocktails”. Signature drinks like „Thai Lemon Ice Tea”, „Awesome Strawberry” or „Green Hug” represent a distinguished combination betweeen fruity cocktails and tea – without any alcohol.

Based on our 3 basic teas – Green, Ooolong and Black Tea – we offer additional „Toppings” to personalize and customize your drinking experience.

We highly emphasize first-class ingredients as well as a natural and fresh preparation of our drinks, normally without any additional sugars. On demand, we can add four different levels of sugar to your drinks.

In case you want to enjoy our products at your own premises we offer our raw products – teas, ingredients and tea tableware - in selected stores.