the FRESH TEA SHOP - Attention, phones out: photo competition!

facebook fotowettbewerb How would you like it? More of a Selfie or more classic? Anyway you want it: We want more of your pictures with your FRESH TEA!

Nothing goes better with our creations as people who enjoy life and also show the love. No decoration can keep up with that. We can shoot such great pictures of our drinks - without you it's just half as good!

Therefore we choose the best, most creative, most beautiful or funniest picture of you every week and reward you with a €25 coupon for you and your friends!
Is this something for you?

Great! Then please send your pictures to info(at), post it to our Facebook chronic, or tag your instagrams with #freshteashop !

So go ahead, we look forward to seeing you!

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Achtung, Fotowettbewerb!Wie darf es sein? Eher Selfie oder klassisch? Wie auch immer Ihr es macht: Wir wollen mehr von...

Posted by the FRESH TEA SHOP on Montag, 17. August 2015