the FRESH TEA SHOP - Our tea

The FRESH TEA SHOP uses green, oolong and black teas. All of our teas are the product of a controlled and natural cultivation. They don't contain any artificiall additives of scents. This guarantees you an authentic and intense flavor and by that a bigger pleasure.
During their growth the tea plants are exposed to the influences of the different seasons and as a result the tea has a flavor which is characteristic for the seasons, This flavor is what sets them apart from the standard mass product.
Depending on the degree of the fermentation you distinguish between green, oolong and black tea. Fermentaion is the oxidation process tea undergoes after it is harvested.

Green Tea

Our green tea is unfermented this means the tea is processed right after it is harvested. Its contents are preserved and so is the natural flavor of the tea leaves.
The contents are mostly vitamins, minerals and catechines, those are given the credit for the beneficial effects of green tea. It also contains many antioxidants which strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body and increase the bodies metabolism.
The flavor of green tea is very diverse it varies in between grassy, flowery and sweet. Those green teas don't have a strong or obtrusive taste, their subtle flavor and flexibility make them the perfekt base for our mixed teas.
They have stimulating effect on the human organism which however is not as agitating as the effect of coffee. It's effect develops slower but also lasts longer.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea. The process of fermentation is stopped by heating the tea. The degrees of fermentation vary from 20-70%. This is why oolong lies somewhere between green and black tea in its characteristics.
Its flavor is full of aromas and has a full body, however it is milder and more delicate than the flavor of black tea. Also it has a certain sweetness.
It contains many polyphenols which improve health and enhance the general well being. Our oolong is very stimulating.
Our recommendation: If you're experiencing a lack of energy, try our oolong!

Black Tea

Fully fermented tea is called black tea. Because of the oxidation (or fermentation) it gets its usually really dark color. However because of the longer fermentation process the tea looses some of its healthy contents than green tea.
Its flavor varies from mild to smokey, flowery to fruity. Our black teas are relatively mild black teas.
They are known and loved for their subtle honey aroma. Also they have a long lasting stimulating effect.

Broken Tea

We only use tea consisting of whole tea leaves. Broken leave teas are usually picked by a machine whereas whole leave tea is picked and processed by hand. Generally they are of higher quality and they lack the bitter aroma which is often present in teas. Even the black tea has a more subtle flavor instead of a bitter one.