the FRESH TEA SHOP - Requirements


You want to be a part of the FRESH TEA SHOP family and have your own shop? Then along here! Please fill out the franchise-request-form and tell us more about you. After processing, we will contact you as soon as possible.

When you are searching a suitable retail space or loaction we of course can assist you. But if you like to search for yourself the following criteria for your location must be observed:

Checkliste for site location assistance

  • university city with a population of at least 100.000
  • exclusively at ground level, 1A locations
  • pedestrian frequency > 15.000 per day
  • outdoor advertising possible and unrestricted
  • outdoor seating is desirable
  • existing liquor concession advantageous
  • optimal retail space in the shopping center: 15-50 m2
  • optimal retail space in the shopping streets: 40-80 m2